Thursday, May 15, 2014


Getting a glimpse of the new Batman vs Superman Batmobile got me wanting more, so here is a collection of custom Batmobiles; the good, the bad, and the bat-ugly! See what I did there? 

 This one kinda looks like something that you would see in the old Speed Buggy cartoon. Fun car, though.

 This broke-ass batmobile just hurts my eyes...

 Very different take on the Dark Knight's whip - this is what I see Batman cruising in when he retires and moves to Miami. Probably has an AARP sticker on the window.

 This "Batsmart" car was actually created by George Barris; the creator of the best Batmobile ever; the 1966 Adam West Batmobile. Still sucks, though.

 This one made me throw up in my mouth a little. More like the Ghettomobile.

Very sleek interpretation of Michael Keaton's Batmobile built on a Corvette. Didya know that the 1970's Batmobile in the comics was a modified Vette? No shit, really!

 A more subtle but still really cool Batmobile. Kinda looks like a stretched out dune buggy.

 The design on this one isn't that great, but what it lacks in appearance it more than makes up in power and speed!

 From the looks of this one, it may be just big enough to seat a toddler. Incredible work, though!

 I have no idea what this one is built on, but I sure as Hell wish I could find a front view pic!

Wow... just, wow.

 Incredible Batman TAS Batmobile! I can't express how much I love this!!!

This one is pretty far out of left field, but it gets points for originality.

 I know, it's pretty crap-tacular, but something won't allow me to hate it.

Yes, it's just a new Mustang with red pinstripes and a bat symbol on the doors... but it's freakin' BAD-ASS!

Another Keaton inspired Corvette - not diggin' the big bat-symbol on the hood.

 Low rider Batmobile hot rod. A+++

 Hot rod Batmobile coupe. An INCREDIBLE variation of the 1950 Batmobile with just a hint of the 1966 one for good measure.

Remember the VW Mobile Bat-Lab toy by Mego in the 1970's? This is way cooler.


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  2. You label a Dodge Challenger as a "new Mustang" (4th up from bottom).

    That's sacrilege, my friend!!