Saturday, May 17, 2014

3-D Monster: The Best In Pictures

Hey gang, I just realized something fun; my Google+ page has been compiling nearly every picture that I have ever posted on 3-D Monster! I rarely even look at my page, but I connect every 3-D Monster posting directly to it. Here's another fun fact; somehow I have over 12 million hits on my page!

 I did a bit of research, and apparently 16,000 hits is considered pretty damn good. I have absolutely no idea how this happened, because I'm close to only one million hits on 3-D Monster. Anyone have a clue why it's so high, and how can I turn those hits into dollars? I'll be happy to share! I've chosen a few choice pics from the page below, but you can see them all here


  1. How did you figure out how many hits you had. My sight has only almost reached 3, 000,000 page visits.

    1. Oh, that's what I meant - I can't find any option to do that. I don't get it because everyone goes on and on about Google Analytics. Perhaps we're just dolts? ONLY 3 million pageviews? That's pretty damn good, m'man! What I would like to know is how I got over 12 million hits on my Google+ page.