Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Upside To Global Warming.

You Can Always Spot The Nouveau Riche...

Muppets Get More A$$ Than a Toilet Seat...

Damn, I Miss Surfing.

I used to live at the beach when I was 19. Dawn Patrols and greasy breakfast at the "Awful Waffle". Sitting in the sun on the back deck of "The Tiki" drinking an ice-cold Corona, listening to Bob Marley on the juke-box and talking about how cool my voice sounded while I was in "the tube".

To My Wife....

Happy New Year From 3-D Monster!!

I know, it's only New Year's eve, but we're having a party tonight, and I probably won't feel like posting too much tomorrow. So you guys be careful out there, and we'll have a great 2010!


My oldest son pointed out this video to me, and I can't even imagine having this thing anywhere in my house! I love how it says "I can see in the dark - can you?" How could the toymaker ever, ever think that this would be a good phrase for a creepy doll to say to a kid?!? Why didn't they just follow it up with; "I can find you while you sleep and murder you." I mean, c'mon!

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Project...

I have been in the process of making my new office as geeky as possible, but I didn't know what to do with the big, slanty walls. SOLUTION; decopage it with comic book pages! I almost finished, but I ran out of glue. I also added some of the horror comics I've had since I was little on the wall by the futon.

Christmas Swag!

I got this giant robo at "Fun Box Monster Emporium"; a place I've blogged about before & one of my all-time favorite shops!

My parent's gave my kids a new X-Box 360 - I can't wait to pick up "Left 4 Dead 2"!

My youngest scored big with playsets!

Santa was very generous this year!

Some of my gifts - I'll have plenty of reading material for a while!

My parents got my wife this sweet coffee maker that make a cup at a time - I LOVE it!

I got myself this ultra-comfy futon for the lair; now we can watch movies and TV on the internet in comfort!

Hey gang - I hope everyone out there had an awesome Christmas; I know we did! The kids made out like bandits as usual, and the wife and I bought furniture for the house in lieu of presents for each other. I'm finally lucid enough to make a coherent post, so hopefully things will get back to normal. It's weird though; I've never had amnesia before, and it's incredibly frustrating! I'm dying to get back on my board, but I'll have to wait another week according to my doctor. Sadly though, I think my days of mid-air flips are now officially over (under threat of death from the wife). So what'd you guys get? If you want to send me some pics, I'd be happy to post them!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just Before I was Rushed to The Emergency Room...

Hey gang, see that big mound of snow at the bottom of the hill? Well, I thought it would be sooo cool if my out of shape & out of practice a$$ could go from the top of that hill, get as much speed as I could, and do an awesome jump right off that snow mound! I remember doing a couple of semi-decent practice runs, and, as my kids would later tell me, I tried to hit it at full speed and do a flip and land gracefully on the other side.
Didn' out...that way! Turns out, I landed square on the 'ol noggin, took a little nap, and then wandered home with the kids like nothing ever happened. It wasn't until I started repeating myself and then telling the kids that it was OK to open their Christmas presents, that my wife suspected that something was amiss. I apparently very casually told her that I may have blacked out for a bit, but that I was OK.
Long story short, an hour later I'm in the emergency room having a cat-scan! Turns out that I have a pretty good concussion, and I remember hardly anything of the past few days, which my children have been having a bit of fun with. Anywhoo, I won't be posting much if at all today, but I just wanted to tell you guys to have the most Merriest of Christmases and to remember that it truly is a wonderful life!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Addition to "The Lair"

I finally have room to display my Gene Simmons costume that I made for Halloween of '98 (or the torso, at least). He's been in seclusion in my in-law's basement ever since we've been in Maine, terrorizing whatever grandchildren that dared to venture down there.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Can't WAIT To See This!!!

I've had a crush on Joan Jett ever since I was 10!

Eff Off Gordon; The Game's On!

Nerds @ Home.

From photographer Steve Schofield comes this gripping series of pictures of Sci-Fi fans in costume in their homes. It's very odd seeing people dressed like this out of the context of a movie or a comic convention.

What Good Architecture is About...

This underground home in the Swiss mountains is architecture at it's very best IMO - And that view! My only gripe would be with the way-too-cold look of the concrete interior; I would have to put up some sheetrock, or at the very least some colorful paint.

I Believe in Space Santa

Stunning Sculpture!

Thomas Scott Kuebler is a true master at his craft. He creates life-size and eerily life-like sculptures based on popular characters and characters from his own imagination. From his biography;
"After two and a half decades of working in the corporate world of toy design prototypes and bringing robots to life in the animatronics field, Thomas Kuebler opted to explore his full creative potential as a freelance artist. Armed with the tools of his trade, a very supportive and patient wife, and the odd inhabitants of his own personal fiction, he set forth on a new mission to bring the world inside his head to life. His highly detailed life-size characters range in venue from pirate museums to private homes to the offices of DC Comics and have been featured in publications such as Spectrum and Rue Morgue. Kuebler and his wife currently reside in North Carolina."
If I ever have the means, I would love to own one of his amazing pieces!

Monday, December 21, 2009

At Home With The Stormtrooper Family....

Classic. Via SkullSwap!

Great New Print From Eric Tan!

An excellent print from an excellent movie! Eric Tan has done a great job of capturing the funk and camp of the 70's classic and infusing it with his own modern style! You can buy a print for $30 on his site.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Great Old Frazetta Anti-Smoking Ad!

So back in the day, you could buy yourself a swell surfboard with the money you save from not smoking. Today, you could probably buy yourself a Lexus! I like "Hodad". I think that will be my word for the day.
Via Boing-Boing.

Full Ironman 2 Trailer!

I know this is old news (2 days old), and you have probably drooled over it more than once already, but I've been busy and just saw it this morning, and words....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry 'bout The Long Absence....

We've been settling into our new diggs, and the cable people didn't come until yesterday, so I haven't been able to blog... or watch TV... or pay any bills... or bid on any thing on Ebay. Luckily though, I've had plenty of boxes to unpack! YAY ME!! Anyway, I'm back to it, and check out my new lair - pretty sweet, eh? It's still a work in progress.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Damn, That's Hard Work!

Well, with the help of my wife's mom, dad and granpa (the guy is like, 80, and can work rings around me!) we got a ton of stuff moved into our new house, and got enough set up to where it's actually starting to resemble a home. Good thing too, since we're supposed to get up to 11" of the white stuff toay! Sadly, the cable guy probably won't be here for a couple of days, but luckily, I'm able to piggyback on a neighbor's connection until then. We are so incredibly blessed, and I absolutely love our new home!!! I promise to quit gushing and get back to some serious geekery, but I just had to share this.