Friday, July 31, 2009

Anyone Know How to Build a Website?

My good buddy & promoter, Marty Webb, is looking for someone to build him a website. In exchange for this service, he is offering.... wait for it..... FREE ADVERTISING SPACE ON HIS BODY!! No, really - he will tattoo your logo to his body! The guy's a madman, what can you do? Anywho, if anyone out in internet land is interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can contact Marty Here.

On The Road Again!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and to celebrate, the wife and I will be going to one of my favorite places; "The Old Port" in Portland, ME! If anyone is out that way, shoot me an email & maybe we can get together for a beer. In the meantime, my good buddy and guest blogger; Tim Gagnon, will be taking over the blogging duties. So until Sunday; cheers!

And I thought a Bull Market Was a GOOD Thing....

Random Horror Comic Panel

The Best Part of Comi-Con: THE COSTUMES!

Neatorama has posted some great pics of some of the more outstanding cosplay attendees to this year's San Diego Comi-Con. One of these years I WILL be in attendance.... but probably wearing shorts and a T-Shirt. I know, I'm no fun!

Great Photos of The New Mego Toys!

As many of you know, I am a HUGE Mego toy fan, and even made custom mego toys full time for 3+ years. This is kinda old news, but Mattel toys has partnered with Paul (Doc Mego) Clarke of EMCE Toys; who is responsible for reviving the Mego Planet of The Apes, Star Trek and the new Night of The Living Dead toy lines, to produce these beautiful new DC comics characters. While the Green Arrow will be a MattyCollector exclusive, the rest will be hitting the shelves at Toys R Us around Easter of 2010.

Right Tattoo, Wrong Placement.....

The Bat Blog posted this picture of a super-fan's very nicely done bat-logo from the current film franchise. The problem? Under no circumstanes ever, ever, ever should a man get a tramp stamp! That goes for belly button and ankle tats as well - it's just WRONG!

Michael Cho Does it Again!

I've never been a huge fan of Iron Fist, but I really want a print of this sketch AND the Galactus one as well! I love that green! Visit Cho's blog Here.

First look at the Ironman & Wolverine Anime Series!

I'm not a HUGE anime fan. I like it, but I'm not a fanatic. As a matter of fact, the only anime that I own is a VHS copy of Akira and Ninja Scroll on DVD. That being said, watching the sleek, highly stylized anime style mixed with the iconic characters of Ironman and Wolverine does indeed make a feast for the eyes! I couldn't embed the trailers, but you can watch them at SuperheroHype.

Best Movie Lines EVER!!! Part 2

From the best horror/comedy of all time; Evil Dead 2! This very well could be my favorite, but there are just too many to choose from. Now let's go down to the basement & carve ourselves a witch!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"The Principal Wants to See Me? Why, Whatever For?"

Wrong, oh so wrong! Via Spoiled Photos.

Even With The Yellow Shirt, This is One Baaad MoFo!

Luke Cage; Powerman! Via Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool.

Goonies: The Prequel!

This Movie Will be Bad-Ass!

Keepin' His Pimp Hand Strong!

"Say you want it your way ONE MORE TIME!! I DARE YA!!" Via Spoiled Photos

Now THIS Would be Freakin' AWESOME!!!

Comic-Con Babe O' The Day!

He may be an imperial Scout Trooper, but by God he's STILL A MAN!!!! Via Spoiled Photos.

Best Movie Lines EVER!!! Part 1

Another new feature; in no certain order, I will start posting clips featuring my favorite lines spoken in film. First up comes from one of the most under-rated sci-fi films of all time; John Carpenter's "They Live" from 1990 starring none other than "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. I'll be most of you know which line it's gonna be! ENJOY!

New Feature: Comic Book Trivia Question! Prizes Galore!!

OK, here's a new idea; I love trivia, and I love comic-book trivia even more, so I will try to ask a trivia question to my loyal readers at least once a week. Here's the best part; the winner will receive a FREE vintage comic from my very own collection, a mystery gift, and a super-awesome 3-D Monster sticker!!! I will pose the question today, you guys post what you think the answer is in the comments area, and the first one to post the correct answer wins! Simple as that. I will provide the answer as well as name the winner the next day.The winner will then send me his/her address and HOPEFULLY a photo that I can put on the blog for the whole world to see! I will then ship the prize out, free of charge! Also, I'm putting all of you on the honor system, so no internet cheating! Remember, you'll only be cheating yourself, and Santa is watching.

So here's the first question;
"were sex toys EVER advertised in a Spiderman comic, and if so, what issue/title?

3-D Monster on The News!!!!


This is the footage I promised you of Marty being interviewed on the local news in Panama City, Florida. I get a pretty clear shot of my logo on Marty's head, and my shirt looks great on him! I think he should contact Guinness to see what the record is for most advertising tattoos. Thanks for everything Marty & good luck with your event on August 1st!! My birthday, BTW.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blogging is a Family Business....

As you know, my oldest son has his blog; Mutant Toad Games, and now my niece has joined the blogosphere with her blog; The 20-Something society! Luckily, she has inherited her creativity, keen fashion sense, and taste in movies from her favorite uncle! J/K Jackie! But seriously, go check it out - it's well worth the trip!

This is Freakin' AWESOME!!!!

In a nutshell, it's a phone/computer keypad implanted under the skin that is powered by your bloodflow and connects wirelessly to Bluetooth devices. It even includes a video screen! Daddy wantee!! Check out the details Here.

5-year-old boy plays "Folsom Prison Blues"

Prepare to be assaulted with an arsenal of cuteness! Via Neatorama.

Puuunks iiiin Spaaaaace!!!! (set to the tune of The Muppet Show's "Pigs in Space")

Mom looks so proud.... Thanks Awkward Family Photos!

Now That's Just Unsettling...

Cremation Solutions is offering custom ceramic urns that look just like the head of your deceased loved one; simply remove the scalp to deposit the ashes of said family member. Sheesh... this is creepier than those pictures of Jesus with the eyes that follow you as you walk by! Via Boing-Boing.

The Wacky World of Vintage Advertising!

These ads harken back to a time when asbestos made you fireproof, alcohol was recommended for children, and lead paint made your house sparkle! Check out the top ten Ironic ads from the Consumerist Here.

New Dexter Figures!

New toymakers "Biff Bang Pow" (love that name) have produced the first two in a new line of action figures based on my favorite cable show; Dexter! These figures feature awesome accessories, a collectible blood slide and a great likeness to Michael C. Hall. Pre-order yours Here!

3-D Monster Will be on The News!!!!

My good pal, tireless promoter and all-around madman; Pimple, will be interviewed this morning about his tattoo promotions and upcoming August 1st event featuring metal rockers "Fixer", by Panama City's Channel 7 WJHG news, and he tells me that he will be wearing one of my 3-D Monster T-Shirts, will be mentioning my blog and will make sure that my tattooed logo has plenty of screen time! You just can't buy advertising like this! I'll post a link as soon as the video comes up, but in the meantime, you can read more about it as well as bid on the tattoo rights to Pimple's right shin Here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now That Looks Mighty Nice!

I just got one of my 24" x 36"prints framed and matted for a customer, and I'm having a really hard time parting with it! I usually just roll them up and put them in a shipping tube, but this was the first request to have one framed and matted. I think I'll have to get a few done like this for my future office. I'd also like to send a shout-out to my wonderfully talented father in-law who did the matting for me!

My Geeky T-Shirt Collection!

3-D Monster "pop art" Thor
Heavy Rotation (gotta represent!)

3-D Monster "Tales From The Crypt" Zombie
Heavy Rotation

Led Zeppelin
B-Day Gift From my In-Laws 3 Days ago
Will be in Heavy Rotation

Marvel Heroes
B-Day Gift From my In-Laws 3 Days ago
Will be in Heavy Rotation

Silver Surfer
From "Steve & Barry's" 2006
Fairly Regular Rotation

Count Chocula
From "Steve & Barry's" 2006
Light Rotation

"Gene Simmons" Iron-On
From American Ringer; Father's Day, 2008
Medium Rotation

Superman Long-Sleeve Tee
Sincere Comics 2001
Still in Light rotation

Just a cool-looking long-sleeve Tee that was $3
From "Label Shopper" last week
Will be in Heavy Rotation once it cools down

Misfits Fiend Club
By Junk Food From 80's Tees Last Month
Heavy Rotation

3-D Monster Logo Shirt
Heavy Rotation

Ironman vs Doctor Doom
By Junk Food from Ebay This Month, $9
Heavy Rotation

3-D Monster Mego Ironman shirt
Heavy Rotation

Red Foxx "You Big Dummy" Shirt
$5 From Spencer Gifts 2006
Regular Rotation

Rolling Stones
JC Penny 2006
Regular Rotation

A regular customer at the comic shop I used to work at gave it to me new. 2001

John Lennon
B-Day Gift From my In-Laws 3 Days ago
Will be in Heavy Rotation

Marvel Heroes
From Kohl's 2007
Now semi-retired due to stain

Marvel Heroes
Gift From my Niece; Christmas 2008
Regular rotation

Jimi Hendrix
From a kiosk in the Maine Mall, 2006
Regular Rotation

Led Zeppelin
Spencer Gifts, August 2008
Regular Rotation

Mr. Rogers
Wal - Mart, 2008
Light Rotation

Ten Years After
$1 from my last job, 2007
Light rotation

60's Avengers long-sleeve tee
Sincere Comics, 2001
Light Rotation

Funky Peter Max-ish long sleeve tee
Old Navy, 2006
Light Rotation

Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Target, 2006
Regular rotation

Night of The Living Dead
From Suncoast Video, 1997
Sadly for my wife, still in heavy rotation

The Flash
Wal-Mart, 2006
Light Rotation

Batman TAS Logo
Sincere Comics, 2001

Batman TV Show Logo
Sincere Comics, 2000
Mostly Retired due to stain

Smashing Pumpkins
Spencer Gifts, 1994
Mostly retired due to stain & holes

Green Lantern
Christmas gift from my folks, 2000
Light rotation

Batman & Robin
Sincere Comics, 2000
Semi-retired due to over-exposure

60's Spiderman
Sincere Comics, 2001
Retired due to holes

KISS "Love Gun" Iron-on
Some shop in Biloxi, MS, 1997
Retired for obvious reasons

Spiderman Comic Cover w/ "bling-bling" lettering
By Eko Unlimited from GADZOOKS!, 1999
Retired due to "bling-bling" lettering

Captain America
Christmas gift from my folks, 2000
Retired due to stains

Kiosk in the Maine Mall, 2004
Regular rotation

70's Spiderman
Sincere Comics or JC Penny, 2001
Light rotation/semi-retired

Led Zeppelin 2
Kiosk in The Maine Mall, 2004
Regular rotation

Awhile back, Kirk over at Secret Fun Spot posted photos and history about his T-Shirt collection, and I was impressed at how vast it was as well as how long he has held onto some of those shirts! I wish I still had all of my concert and superhero tees from middle and high school! Anyway, my collection goes as far back as 1994 (Smashing Pumpkins) to this week. Hope you enjoyed it!