Tuesday, September 28, 2010


New Toy!

I found this sweet "Death Row Marv" toy still in the box for $5 at my favorite local antique shop! When you throw the switch, the whole thing vibrates, his eyes glow red & then he laughs and says; "Is that all you got? You buncha pansies!" Love it!

Big Bang Theory "Hulk Hands" Animated Short!

The Hulk Hands Theory (short version) from nunub on Vimeo.

I don't know who made this 'cause I got it from Nerdcore and everything's in German, but it's really cool unless you're prone to siezures.

Walking Dead Official Poster & a Few More Pics

I am getting excited? Well yes, yes I am.

"Oh Lord, Won't ya Buy Me, a Mercedes Benz?"

Hey gang - sorry I've been slacking here, but I've been adjusting to me new job as well as car shopping frantically. When I was a young lad of 16, I was obsessed with Mercedes Benz! I remember looking through a glossy promo booklet of the brand-new 1989 300E - class, and saying to myself; "Self - one day I'm gonna own that car!" Well, 16 year old me; rest easy, 'cause we're riding in style now!

I freakin' love this car - it rides so smoothly that I have to be careful not to speed 'cause 60 MPH feels just like 30 in my other car. It's fully loaded, and the paint job is only four years old. The exterior and interior are nearly mint, and everything works perfectly! The kids love it too - mainly for the sunroof, I suspect. The only gripe I have is that it starts cold and sometimes conks out on me before I can get out on the road, but once it's gone a mile or so, it's fine. And it still has the stock stereo with a tape player - I'll have to upgrade that soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Man Went Looking For America...

And Couldn't Find it Anywhere...
Easy Rider poster by Scott Campbell.
Via ThisIsn'tHappiness

First Look at Live-Action Voltron Film Concept Art!

From SuperHeroHype comes this epic concept art based on the (hopefully) forthcoming live action Voltron Film! Atlas Entertainment is pitching the film, and screenwriting duo Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer are penning the script. Looks pretty sweet - let's hope it gets the green light!

I Gots Me a Bona-Fide Blog Award!

My ghoul buddy Erik over at The Wonderful Wonderblog (and it is, by the way) has bestowed upon me the much-coveted Zombie Rabbit Award for blogging excellence! I'm assuming it comes with a check or a trophy or something. I don't know what to say... it's all so sudden! I'd like to thank my family, all of my loyal readers, my third-grade teacher Mrs. Peters who encouraged my writing..sniff, sniff...(I promised myself I wouldn't cry).
And thank you Erik - who believed in a little-known blog and saw potential! I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!
Now I have to pass this award on to ten other worthy blogs. This is not a vocation to be taken lightly - I will have to take my time... and choose wisely.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My New Favorite Show!

1000 Ways To Die on Spike TV. My dad turned me on to this show last night, and I can't believe I'm just now seeing it! For those of you not in the know, the show tells true stories of the various bizarre ways people have died in a very graphic manner. I think my favorite part is the corny wordplay at the end of each story. EXAMPLE: a skinny guy who likes really fat chicks dies when the girl passes out on top of him, thereby suffocating the man - ASS-PHYXIATION!!

The Ramones + The Runaways + The New York Dolls =

Via OnlyTheYoungDieYoung

You See? He Was Trouble Even Before He Was Famous

He's all like, "hmpf...whatever"

I Am Speechless...

What if a zombie outbreak started at a Star Trek convention? The borg are already kinda zombie-like, so they would be harder to pick out, and given how socially awkward and weird most die-hard trekkies are, I guess it would be a little difficult to determine the living from the undead.
Via NerdCore

Sorry For Neglecting Y'all!

I've been a busy bee this week - I started a new job as internet sales manager for Evergreen Subaru, (wanna buy a car?) and my parents are in town for a long-overdue visit! I promise I'll do better next week!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Art!

Hey gang - I usually try to stay away from live-trace, but I wanted to do something that captured the frantic fury and intensity of rock's bat-winged demon - Gene Simmons! I worked with it for a while and came up with this. Thoughts?

I Am in Awe...

Artists Jared Cain & Stephen Larkworthy have taken cosplay to the next level with these Marvel Mini-Mate costumes for this year's Dragon-Con in Atlanta. I can't imagine the time and work that went into these - great job, guys!!! Check out the whole Flickr set here.
Via Robot6

Russell Brand is Living my Dream!

Not because he's married to Katy Perry, but because he gets a Batmobile! Well, sorta; Brand is playing the title character in the remake of the 1980 classic; "Arthur" about a spoiled alcoholic multi-millionaire with no direction in life. In the film, brand buys himself the ultimate man-toy; the Batmobile! Granted, it's the one from franchise-killer Joel Schumacher's BATMAN FOREVER, but it's still a Batmobile, and I'd be happy to drive it!
Via Ain't ItCoolNews

This Panel Has Inspired Me...

I think I'll go to Wal-Mart, punch someone in the teeth and exclaim "MONKEY FEATHERS!!!" After that, I'll have a "rep" and no one will mess with me.

Warduke is Such a Badass...

He knows those dragon people are comin' up behind him... he just doesn't care.
He was my favorite Dungeons & Dragons toy!
Via NegativePleasure2

Meanies of The Universe: HORDAK!

I'm really diggin' this illustration by Matt Kaufenberg as part of his "Meanies of The Universe" series. Great work, Matt!
Via RampagedReality

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Monster Cave is Back on "Shelf Porn!"

The guys at Robot 6 have seen fit to do a follow-up to my January appearance in the "Shelf Porn" section that allows geeks like me to show off their nerd rooms. I check in at least once a week because I love to see what other people collect and how they show it off! Thanks guys!

Another "Walking Dead" Quickie...

Standard rule for horror etiquette; if you wake up in an empty, decimated hospital, and you approach a chained door with the words "DO NOT OPEN - DEAD INSIDE" You IMMEDIATELY run the other way without hesitation!


Artist Erin Hanson does a great series of WANT/NEED posters - this one just happens to be my favorite.
Via DesignYouTrust

Why so Glum, Chum?

I love this painting by Michael Kutsche depicting an old, bloated & disillusioned Superman. It's very odd!
Via RampagedReality

Exclusive Images From The New Captain America Movie!!!

I guess they are trying to cover him up to conceal the costume from photogs - nice try!

I'm thinking Chris Evans will look a little better in the costume than his stunt double. (I hope)

I'm really diggin' the shield in this one!

If you look closely, you can see the Hydra logo on the side of the bike.

I looove those old army Harleys!!

Check out the machine gun barrels mounted above the front fender - add a samurai sword & you've got the perfect mode of transport for a zombie apocalypse!

OK - you've got what looks like a hardcore armored Hydra.... convertible? Not to second-guess the engineers of the terrorist organization, but wouldn't a topless armored vehicle be a bit of a liability? Love the Hydra hood ornament, though!

No, you are not looking at Chris Evans in the iconic red, white & blues, but rather his stunt double being chased by Hydra agents. I can't wait to see more!
Via Ain'tItCoolNews

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Being Annoying is Against The Law?!? Tell Me More!

While I'm extremely proud to say that I have never seen an episode of "Jersey Shore", I'm fairly certain that I would find ALL of them annoying, but I had no idea that being annoying was a crime - if that's the case, why isn't half of Hollywood locked up?
Why are all of those ass-clowns who wear wife-beaters with their drawers down to their knees still lumbering about?!?
Why is Timmy Gagnon still staring at his computer monitor unchecked?!?
As a taxpayer, I demand that the authorities round these criminals up immediately!!!