Thursday, February 24, 2011

Official Trailer for E.T. 2

Amazing fan-made trailer!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What Nerds do When They're Bored....

We put our action figures into cool poses and hang them from the ceiling in awesome battle scenes! 
(Thank God I'm already married!)

Friday, February 18, 2011


Nico and Andy Warhol as Batman and Robin.


Can you imagine seeing something like this outside from afar? My eyes would pop out of my head, bells would start clanging and I would jiggle my lips with my finger like a cartoon character! I certainly wouldn't want to take these out on a windy day, but luckily, I have tall ceilings in my house!

This is Gonna be AWESOME!!!

As a HUGE fan of "Left 4 Dead" 1 & 2, I think this looks like the next big zombie game hit!

Is This For Real?

I ran across this on Boing-Boing, and it says that the research into human applications has died. I can't imagine why they wouldn't pursue this for humans?!?

2nd Full-Length Thor Trailer

I'm sooo glad they gave us a better look at the Destroyer in this one! He looks bad-ass!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Now THAT'S what I call romance!

Back to The Future!

I absolutely love it when adults recreate their childhood photos with similar poses, clothes, etc! I found a great photography site that is doing this as an ongoing project. See them all here!

Test Footage From The CGI-Animated Thundercats Film

Almost four years ago, it was announced that Warner Bros. Pictures would be turning the popular 1980s "Thundercats" animated series and toy line into a CGI-animated feature. The plot was to have focused on Lion-O coming of age as the leader of the Thundercats. The project apparently never took off, but now the below test footage from the show has made its way online, thanks to Flixist. Looks like it might've been kinda cool.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bungee Jumping is For PUSSIES!!

This is one of those things that I would do as long as the first three or four people didn't die. Would you?

Sadly, The Collaboration Was Not to be...

KISS & Tupac. Yeah, that's pretty weird.

Creative Work Spaces

OK gang, time for a new project! There's nothing I love more than to see how people set up their offices and work spaces. While reading Boing-Boing today, I ran across an article about creative people and their workspaces, and I want you guys to send me pics of your work area. Even if you're not an artist or creative in any way - I want to see your space! Please send your pics and brief description to, and I'll include them in a future post. BTW, the bottom three images are from my own home office.

This is Just All Kinds of Awesome!!

Reddit user Gljo wanted to keep the nature of a Disney World trip a secret from her/his kids, so s/he made this flier and told the kids that's what they were going to see. I love the bit about the chalkboard! I sooo wish they had videotaped their kid's reactions when they handed them the flyer! As a kid, the only place I would want to go less than "Super Slacks World", would have been "Radical Root Canal Land"!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Wants to Drive the Batmobile?

Ever since I was a child watching reruns of the Batman TV show from the 60's, I have been obsessed with the George Barris - designed Batmobile! Since I'm not sure that I'll ever have enough money to own one, I figured I would ask all of my brothers-and -sisters-in-geekery for help! What do I have to lose, right? I give my word that every penny donated will go directly to the purchase of the Batmobile. I have found a great website called "Fiberglass Freaks" that make officially licensed Batmobile replicas for $150,000, but if too much time passes, and I am unable to come up with the full $150K, then I will settle for a quality used Batmobile on Ebay.

What's in it for me, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did, because I'm going to drive the Batmobile all over the country and visit each and every doner in the lower 48! And guess what? You're gonna get to drive the Batmobile! Also, I will be visiting children's hospitals to give free rides to sick kids all along the way, and when I return home as well. So help a geek achieve his dream today! Click here to donate!


Since my stapler is broken (thanks kids), I think I'll replace it with this beauty!

I Love "Awkward Family Photos"!!!

 “The whole family seems to be so content as I choke off to the side… this is the epitome of my life. No big deal. I am alive and well now – no thanks to any of my relatives :)
 While most things go with blue jeans, awkward nudity is not one of them.
 "How 'bout a little space here?!?"
“This photo was taken in 1950 while our family was on a summer vacation at the Jersey Shore. I am the lovely creature on the left with a horrendous case of poison sumac and look like a creature from outer space. My two brothers seem only intent on shooting the photographer, and my mother, grandmother and grandfather seem unfazed by this weird person in the photo with them. How did I ever allow anyone to take my photo looking like this? I was just 6 years old and probably didn’t think twice about it at the time.”

Creepy Old Magician Posters!

I absolutely love the artwork on these old posters! There's an antique shop in Auburn that has a couple of old posters from "Carter the Great" that I'm gonna pick up one of these days. See the whole collection here!

First Look! X-Men: First Class Trailer

I've got high hopes for this one! Man, between X-Men, Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America, it looks like it's gonna be one Helluva Summer!
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