Friday, April 30, 2010

Crap I Enjoyed Looking at Today...

Too many sources to cite. It's Friday and I'm feeling lazy, so sue me.

Here's Something You Don't See Everyday!

When I go, this is how I want to be displayed at my wake - coffins are sooo 20th century!
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Official Trailer for "Jonah Hex"

I know very little about this character as I never read the comic, and I don't usually go for westerns, but they had me at "gatling guns mounted to a horse". and um, Megan Fox of course.

The Mighty Thor: FIRST LOOK!

Now that Ironman 2 has been released in some regions, buzz over the next Marvel movie, Thor, is starting to build. Here's the first look at Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, in costume.I'm pretty happy with it, as they are going with Thor's current duds in the comics, but I hope he'll have his iconic helmet as well. I was never a big fan of Thor until I picked up a bunch of silver-age issues that were in a collection I bought last year, now I think he's pretty interesting.

Strange fact; when I used to work in a comic shop back in Alabama, I found that black males loved Thor! I'm not racist in any way, but I $hit you not, nine out of ten black males who came into the shop would leave with a Thor comic. It strikes me as odd, 'cause Thor is like the WHITEST super hero in the Marvel universe! I asked my black friend Eddie about it, and he said "I don't know why, he's just cool". Any comments? theories?
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Your Friday Morning Wake-Up Call: ARE YOOUU REEAADDY?!?

Since it's Friday, I've decided to rock balls. This song has the best, most adrenaline-pumping bombastic opening of alll tiiiimme!!! So crank up the volume, tell you cubicle neighbor to suck it & BANG YOUR HEAD!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art: 365- Day 35

My youngest (and most mischievous) son; William (or, Willy-beans as he hates for me to call him). Tomorrow, I will do my portrait and finish up family portraits.

Ace is So Effing Cool....

The Slave Leia Carwash IN ACTION!!!!

Does your car come out cleaner than using one of those automated carwashes? Probably not. Do you really care? Probably not.
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My Kids Are Gonna Love These!!!

Both of my boys are really into "Ugly Dolls", and my oldest collects tin robots just like his old man, so they are gonna flip when they see these Ugly Doll wind up tin robots!
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Blast From The Past: Spiderman Weds Mary Jane at Shea Stadium in 1987

I remember seeing pics of this, but you have to watch it to experience the full cheese factor of it all. I remember buying the issue when it came out and was like "eh, whatever". I pretty much quit buying Spiderman comics after 30 years when they negated his whole history with that "Brand New Day" crap. I was really into the whole civil war identity reveal and felt like it was some of the best writing and most interesting storylines in years!
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Been Catching up on My Zombie Movies...

I've been on a new kick of going to StageVU andcatching up on all of the horror flicks I've missed out on 'cause my wife is too chicken to watch them with me (although she's trying to muster up the courage to watch the new "Nightmare" reboot with me this weekend). I watched "Diary of The Dead" by the legendary George Romero on Tuesday, and Steve Miner's "Day of The Dead" yesterday. I enjoyed both films, and I got a kick out of Romero's not-so-subtle jab at Zack Snyder's "sprinting zombies"; "You can't run - you're decomposing and if you try to run, you ankles are gonna snap like twigs! You have to "shamble"!" The whole "Blair Witch" approach to the filming with the guy videotaping "history" to the annoyance of his friends and girlfriend got a little stale, but all in all it was a decent zombie flick.

Day of The Dead, however, was a complete surprise. I'm just now watching it because I read some crappy reviews and the trailer really didn't sell it for me. I couldn't have been more wrong. I really, really liked it! The story moved along at a good pace and was interesting, Ving Rhames was awesome as always, and Mena Suvari was great as a kick-ass & take names army chick! I also dug how they stayed true to the original film, but added enough to make it stand on it's own as an original story.

I also realized that after seeing Zack Snyder's "Dawn" remake and now this, I really prefer the sprinting zombies to the shambling ones. Steve Miner even takes it to the next level with uber-creepy spider zombies! The only gripe I have is how fast the decomposition set in - as soon as they turn; INSTANT severe skin problems. I prefer a subtle glazing of the eyes and a nice hue of blue. Today, it's a three way toss up between Saw, Resident Evil or Daybreakers.

Your Morning Wake-Up Call....

I love this band - the chick just rips it up!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

These Are Cool...

My youngest son recently ordered a whole buncha stuff from Toys-R-Us with the birthday money he had accumulated, and among the toys he ordered were these sweet Scooby-Doo Mini Mystery Mates twin packs, each featuring a Scooby-Doo figure in costume and a villain from the classic series. He got the entire first wave, my favorite being the zombie figure - so much so that I traded my black lantern ring for it! And with a retail price of only $3.99 per pack, I'm sure he'll scoop up wave 2 when it comes out. I hope they include the Green Ghost and Freaky Tiki Witch Doctor with wave 2!

Art: 365- Day 34

The family portrait is half done now with my beautiful wife, Amy. And yes, it looks alot like last year's picture because my wife won't let me use any other photo of her. Women, what can you do? I'll get Will done tomorrow.

Uh-Oh, Looks Like Trouble Brewing...

A Slave Leia Carwash? Why Hasn't Someone Thought of This Before Now?!?

If ever there was a business idea with WIN written all over it, this is the one!
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Ever since seeing the "Clash of The Titans" remake last week, an old quest nearly 30 years old has been re-ignited. The quest for the ever elusive, often over-priced, devastatingly handsome shelf adornment; Mattel's 1981 15" Kraken toy! I always wanted one since the line came out, but had to settle for Carrion, Calibos, and the Greek Soldier instead. Come to think about it, I don't think I even knew a kid who had one. Nor do I remember even seeing them in the stores. I'm watching one on Ebay right now, but I'm sure it will shoot waaay out of my league before it's over.

I Hanker For a Hunk Of Cheese!

I don't recall why, but I was singing this little ditty to my wife the other day, (who knows why the hell I do the things I do) and I'm amazed that I could remember the whole song! I can so vividly remember all of these Saturday Morning PSA's. Remember "Yuck Mouth"?

Cars I Would Kill You For

I've never really been much of a gearhead, but these cars are amazing mobile works of art! My faves are the silver microbus thingie & the one that looks like a jet. Why the Hell can't they make cars that look this good?!? I mean, is it more expensive to create a car with a sense of style? C'mon car-makers, get it together!

New Art From My 11 Year-Old Son!

The apple certainly doesn't fall far.... I am in constant amazement by his artistic ability! He did this piece entirely in freehand! And did I mention he's eleven?!? Purchase this wonderful curiosity here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art: 365- Day 33

It's that time of year again - time to do the family portrait again! I try to make it an annual thing, and I chose Logan, my firstborn as my first subject. I added last year's portrait for comparison.

I Know it's a Bit Out of My Usual Tastes, But....

I really like this song. It's catchy and peppy.

And I Wept at it's Awsomeness...

This is's indescribably beautiful! I know my wife would never go for this on the living room fireplace, but perhaps I'll have to abandon my plans for a basement Tiki bar and direct my energies towards a backyard setup with an outdoor fireplace. And I'm just deluded enough to think that I could make it myself. See the whole step-by-step and say; "hey - I bet I could do that!"
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