Sunday, May 4, 2014

Update on Official 3-D Monster Skateboards...

After dragging my ass for months on this project, the first official design for the first 3-D Monster skateboard has been chosen and can be viewed directly below! I'm going to order one as a prototype to ride and inspect for quality and skatepark performance. If all goes well, I will take photos and video of the actual product and make them available for purchase. 
Top view
I'm also going to offer the option of applying custom grip tape for an extra charge, or shipping the board without the tape. Also, the size of the 3-D Monster logo may be smaller on the actual board.

I've decided that Sk8factory will manufacture the boards, and to test the waters, I'm starting off with a single old-school, coffin-shaped board with the 3-D Monster logo on the top of the board, and my artwork on the bottom. I haven't decided what wheels I will be using for the complete boards, but I'm strongly leaning towards the industry leader; Independent for the trucks. The coffin decks are nothing new; they were popular in the 80's and distributed by "Plan 9", and were directly associated with punk bands such as The Misfits and Samhain. They are pricier, but I really dig the cut, and think that it will fit in with the overall vibe of the site and my art. If this goes well, more boards with new designs will follow! Check out some of the original coffin designs from Plan 9 below;

I will be offering these for $80-$85 per deck, and $140 for a complete board.

I'm not sure if I should do a bulk order or have each one made sale by sale, so if you're really interested in purchasing one, I would appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments section or by emailing me at; Remember, the more I order in bulk, the lower I can keep the price!


  1. Thanks Jarod! Are you still skating? We have a nice park here in Portland you'll have to check out!

  2. My board broke a couple months back, so i dont have one as of now, but it would still be sweet to check out!