Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Photos of Ghost Rider & Judge Dredd!

I have high hopes for both. I mean, they can't be worst than the first ones, right? Right?

First Look: The Walking Dead Season 2!

Damn, October 16 is a looong way away.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Corona + boiled shrimp + corn + potatoes = Pure Bliss!

I loves me some water slides!

Camel rides are far more fun than camel toes!

At the zoo I got to live out my fantasy of being locked in the monkey house!
Wait... I'm locked in a monkey house every day!

Beach living suits us well!

Hey gang, I deeply apologize for my lack of posting, but I've been soaking up the sun at the Gulf of Mexico, and now I'm chillin' in my home town of Mobile, Alabama! We're gonna be hanging out with my parental units and takin' it easy Southern style for the next week, so I'll be posting daily again until we get back on the road to Maine. Many thanks to my niece, Jackie Jackson, who took all of these awesome pics! Hope ya'll are having an awesome Summer!!!