Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sexy Cosplay: Wonder Woman Edition!

Hi guys, I'm back with another set of beautiful women dressed as our favorite fanboy fantasies! (say that three times fast) However, this time I am starting a new series that will feature a single character, and the 10 best representations of that character in no particular order. Factors considered are; physical attributes, costume and uniqueness. This will be a weekly series covering the most notable characters in comics, film and gaming! So without further ado, here they are;

 She is gorgeous with a sense of strength in her face - very heroic looking. I also like the skirt and leather ribbing on the sides of the bustier.
 I love this one just because it is so far removed from the traditional WW costume, and is executed perfectly! The contact lenses are a nice touch as well.
 Three words; leather, leather, leather! I love everything about this - especially her statuesque physique and gladiator-style sandals.
 This was chosen for the exotic model and unique, one of a kind costume.
 This is a wonderful contrast between the classic Lynda Carter costume, and an more non-traditional model with tattoos.
 I would love to see a woman like this in one of the more creative costumes, but I love that she looks like a she could actually lift a car over her head and look sexy as Hell while doing it!
 This is my favorite costume overall, and I love the shield/sword combo. Also, she has a great athletic physique, and is the hottest girl on the list!
 Great example of "less is more". Gorgeous, elegant model in a well crafted, but not too flashy costume.
Are you kidding me?!? Just look at those big 'ol doe eyes and pouty lips! She looks like she just went 10 rounds with the Cheetah! Love the leather bustier, too!
And this brings us to the classic, girl next door WW who just jumped right out of the comics! Great four-color comic character brought to life!


  1. Great choices. I myself can't help posting the weeks Wonder Woman pictures and there is nothing sweeter than WW cosplay done right.

  2. You said a mouthful, brother! How are things at the cave of cool? You guys thawed out yet?