Thursday, December 5, 2013

For Better or Worse, Here's The Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man 2...

Ok, I've managed to calm down from yesterday's explict-laden tirade, and I'm ready to give a simple critique of what I liked and didn't like from the trailer. Watch it below and then read my critique;

1.) I like Spidey's new, more comic-faithful costume.
2.) I like the action sequences with Electro.
3.) I loved the glimpse of Doc Ock's wriggling arms and what looked like metal wings encased behind glass at Oscorp.
4.) I like that kid from Chronicle as Harry Osborn.
5.) I liked it when Spidey caught the cop car.
6.) I like Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn (notice I didn't say Green Goblin?)
7.) I like the action sequences of Spidey swinging around the city and just jumping around in general.

1.) I still hate the Rhino
2.) I still hate the "Gangreen" Gobin.
3.) I dislike what seems to be a hidden, mobile lab subway train secretly set up by Peter's dad. WTF?!?
4.) I dislike that the villain's original, unique origins have been seemingly disregarded in favor of setting up Oscorp to be more or less a super-villain breeding farm.

So, it looks like the good outweighs the bad overall. As a designer, I have a really, almost obsessive hatred for bad design. That, coupled with my tendency as a super-fan to hate too much deviation between original characters and their celluloid counterparts, will make it very difficult for me to enjoy the film as a whole. It's kinda like having an expensive 4-course meal wherein three courses are really good, but the potato au gratin tastes like fried dog asshole. You just can't help feeling that the overall meal has been ruined.

Oh well, talk amongst yourselves and leave your comments below.

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