Friday, November 1, 2013

Not Ready for Chirstmas Yet? This Bronze Statue of "Flick" From A Christmas Story Will Change Your Mind!

The good people of Hammond, Ind. have erected a bronze statue immortalizing a scene from the 1983 holiday classic "A Christmas Story." You know the one: where poor Flick was coerced into sticking his tongue on a frozen flagpole. Hammond, the hometown of the film's narrator and co-writer Jean Shepherd, had actor Scott Schwartz on hand to witness the unveiling of the statue, honoring the character and scene he made famous 30 years ago. "This is surreal," Schwartz said. "They've even got the hole in the pole, like the one in the movie. You couldn't see it, but there really was a hole there." It's not yet clear if the statue came about because of a triple-dog dare.


  1. Wow....The immortalzation of a porn star...

  2. I know, it's a sad story. Now, I think he works in his dad's video store.