Friday, November 8, 2013

Check Out The New Trailer for RoboCop!

And in case you've forgotten what the original 1987 film looked like, here is the trailer for that one;

Interesting fact: Tickets to the premiere of RoboCop were the only things I ever won on the radio.


  1. i cannot tell you, i think the new one looks good... i would have rather had them call it something else and be told that it looks like robocop..

  2. I'm going to remain optimistic about this one. While I agree that it doesn't really FEEL like Robocop (at least not based off trailers) but we'll see!

  3. Congratulations, Dan! I hereby award you The Sunshine Award!!! Woot!

    1. Wow - thanks Matt!! That's really cool of you to bestow such an honor on such a wretched soul like myself! Don't be offended if I'm slow in reciprocating; I just started a full time job and am still doing freelance design as well, so I'm stretched pretty thin right now (if you couldn't tell by my neglected blog). However, once I get into a good groove I'll be back at it. Until then, enjoy a small offering of quickie posts!

  4. You are most welcome sir! I'm sorry I kinda hijacked the Robocop post with it....but the rules said to put it in a comment...blah blah know these awards's all about the rules! I hear ya bud.....I've been pretty stretched myself lately and the ol' MC has been suffering for it....we were sadly not able to put a Thanksgiving episode of the new podcast together....but we'll regroup and double our efforts for Christmas!