Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HEY KIDS!! It's SEXY COSPLAY TIME AGAIN!! 2013 Dragon Con Edition!

Looks like this year was another hot one in downtown Atlanta Georgia! Dragon Con is considered by many to be the East Coast's answer to San Diego's pop culture juggernaut that is Comic Con! The weekend was awash in everything science fiction, gaming, art and pop culture. Oh, did I mention the scantily clad women dressed up as every man's (and geek's) fantasy come to oh-so-sexy life? Yeah, there were a few of those, too.

For you, dear readers, I have toiled long and hard; sifting through a virtual sea of alluring images of beautiful women. It was a difficult and draining task, but I persevered to bring you the cream of the crop, the sexiest of the sexy, the bustiest of the busty, and... well, you get the picture! ENOUGH TALK; let's get to the girls!!

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