Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am Soooo Frickin' Excited About This!!!

Those of you who know me know full well that I am a Mego toy fanatic. So much so that I made my living for three years making custom Mego action figures of characters that the company never made. I also have a Mego Iron Man tattoo on my left forearm.

If Mego is my favorite toy line, then the 8" Mego Batman figure is my favorite toy of all time. So much so that I even made a portrait of it;
Figures Toy Company, a company that specializes in Mego-esque toy properties that include such jems like KISS, Mad Monster Series, Evel Knieval, Conan and many others, has recently acquired the rights to re-issue EXACT replicas of not only the line of Mego Batman characters, but the entire DC Comics character library! That means we will get exact replicas of not only every DC character Mego ever produced, but new characters that Mego never even released!
Oh, and did I mention that Anthony Balasco; the CFO of Figures Toy Company was my number one customer when I was making customs? Will I be dropping Anthony an email offering my services with his newly acquired DC license? Why yes, yes I will.


  1. Oh yeah. I am excited bout this too. Gotta get em in Mexico!

    1. Aren't they called "Lilly Leddy" in Mehico?

  2. i miss and loved mego... my favorite was the lizard... i so wish i had him... i still do have a couple in a box [not sealed], beat to hell cause i played with them... damn me.

    Jeremy H.

    New Look, New Name and Same Suff...

    1. I used to have a HUGE collection, but I sold most of it off during money crunches, but I still have quite a few. I had a Lizard as well, and he was one of my faves, too!