Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Party Like Lemmy!!!

I'm not making this shit up folks - MotorHead has released it's own line of wine and vodka. It seems to me that Motorhead Bourbon would be the obvious first choice, but sure - I'd give 'em a try! Actually, even if it tasted like piss, I'd still buy it for the bottle. I'm sure you'll have something to say about this one, Erik!


  1. I was a wine guy when I was sixteen and I'm a vodka guy now... a Type O Negative wine would have been understandable ...but yeah, I think Bourbon or Vodka fits these fuckers quite well instead. Then again, you never question Lemmy. Look at the way he's pointing at you! He knows his shit.

    I just hope he's had his hands in it (not literally) and did something other than pose all cool.

  2. I agree - I would be curious as to their level of involvement. Wine at 16, huh? I couldn't stand wine until I was 30.