Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hey guys - I just got a $20K commitment to help get my social network off the ground, but I still need $30K more to get it finished. I really want to fast-track this, so I am offering a 10%
finder's fee to anyone who brings me investors willing to commit to $10K or more. We are offering a $5 return on every invested dollar over a five year period, or 1% company ownership for every $20K. If you have anyone in mind, or would like to invest yourself, I would be happy to send an investor prospectus and even do a face-to-face presentation. I can be reached at (207) 890-3687, or
I'm telling all of you now; everyone involved with this is going to make a ton of money! Thanks, guys!


  1. Wow that news is great!

  2. Yeah, we're pretty pumped about it! I might be flying down to Alabama soon to make a presentation. I think the rest of the money is going to come a lot quicker now.