Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Putting Part of My Collection Up For Auction!

In order to raise money to get my social network off the ground, I am parting with a section of my epic comic collection. First up is my ENTIRE run of Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man issues! My run starts at issue number 4, featuring the 1st Sandman appearance, and stops at issue number 38. There are 25 pieces in all, including plenty of key issues; 1st Green Goblin, 1st Scorpion, 2nd Dr. Octopus and many others! Most have a very low opening bid of $19.99, with a few as low as $14.99 with NO RESERVE! It pains my soul to part with these, but I'm hoping I will have enough money to buy the entire collection before too long! The pics I added are of the actual issues I am selling.

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