Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Favorite Site!

Great vintage B&W of Gene!

Did I mention I might be buying a 70's van kinda like this? I'm looking at one and will post some pics of it soon.

My wife's mother used to tell her and her brother not to stick their arms out of the window of the car because the Hell's Angels might come by and chop them off.
No $hit, really.

I WILL have a bike like this.... someday.

This little piece of badassery belonged to late drummer extroidinaire Buddy Guy

They have a great section of photos from the Sex Pistol's 1978 Texas tour.

I wonder where this bike is today?

I'll bet if you sprayed this place down with luminol, you could see it glowing from space!

I would kill for one of these!!!

One swanky pad, dad.

He walks the line...

The Selvedge Yard is your one-stop shop for all things awesome! And not the kind of awesome that is super-crazy awesome for a while and then slowly declines into the valley of the lame, waiting to be ressurrected in twenty years when it will be "retro awesome".

NO! I'm talking about timeless awesome - choppers, muscle cars, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, retro-futuristic bachelor pads, custom vans and all the other things that always were and always will be the cat's ass! Go check it out and get yer cool on!

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