Friday, April 9, 2010

New Art!

I tried really, really hard, but I just couldn't get this finished yesterday. And because of my failure, I'll have to part with yet another piece of my beloved collection. Congrats to Zack S. for calling me on it! Not only did I not finish this yesterday, it took up a big chunk of today b/c I really struggled with various aspects of it. I originally wanted to do it just like the Dean portrait - simple, muted color scheme except for the hair, and just enough detail so that you could still tell who it was. However, Marilyn wasn't going to settle for that. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't get rid of those luscious lips and piercing eyes. After deciding to keep those features, I then proceeded to agonize over the color scheme for another hour or two. After all is said and done, I still don't love it. It's OK, and I'll get to keep my stuff today. Buy Norma Jean here!


  1. I truly admire your goal, you are a ninja of an artist and I believe this goal will gurantee admittance to the Jedi Council.

    Please keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. Thanks Zach - I'll certainly try!