Saturday, May 6, 2017


Hi gang! Another Spring is upon us; the leaves are coming back, the grass is green again, flowers are starting to bloom, and 3-D Monster is getting an overhaul! If you saw my last post, you will see that I've started a new line of merchandise called Crypto-Gear. Still keeping with the Monster theme, this line focuses on the supposed real monsters of Cryptozoology such as Bigfoot, The Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, and so-on and so-forth. While Crypto-Gear will be getting it's own retail website, I'll be using 3-D Monster and Red Bubble to promote both lines under the name of Crypto-Monster Gear, and you can view/like the Facebook page here.

Whereas before, 3-D Monster merchandise was relegated to only art prints, T-Shirts and decals, selling through Red Bubble allows me to greatly expand the product lines to include items such as; 

The money I make from this will initially go to buying more inventory so that I may set up at conventions, art walks, trade shows and that most coveted selling venue; RETAIL OUTLETS! Can you imagine - going into your favorite store and seeing these items on the shelves?!? 

Everyone has a goal and this is mine. I want to make this into a success, but I need your help; not just in buying my stuff (although I really, really hope that you do!), I need your input. What type of additional products would you like to see? What type of art? Where would be a good place to sell my stuff?

I still have a ton of art that hasn't been used, and I'll be making new stuff on a regular basis, so please bookmark the shop and check for new stuff. I'll also post new stuff here and on the Facebook page as well. I know I've all but stopped posting and updating the site, but working 12 hour days takes it's toll. I'm gonna try really hard to change that, and hopefully I can once again make this my full time gig. Thanks again for your support and for enjoying my nerdy little musings!

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