Friday, May 12, 2017

HEY KIDS - It's Sexy Cosplay Time!!! BATGIRL EDITION!!!

Barbara Gordon has never been HOTTER!! Whether you prefer '66, original comic, armored, vinyl gimp-suit style, painted on, thin, curvy or athletic -  it's all right here!

 The "Barely There" Batgirl

 This is a nice Huntress/Batgirl mashup

How's this for a threesome?

She's hot, Asian, and can kick your ass!

Sweet, Innocent, and can still kick your ass!

Look out, it's DOMINATRIX Batgirl!

I'll bet she gets pretty hot and sweaty under all that vinyl!

Nice curves on this beauty!

She can come over to my Bat-Cave anytime!!

Super-hot AND she can climb up to your window!

Her smile completes the outfit nicely!

That's it for Batgirl, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!! Check out some more sexy cosplay with; Original EditionDeluxe Edition, BelleChere EditionPower Girl Edition, Cosplay Photography, and of course, The Wonder Woman Edition! MORE TO COME!!

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