Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sexy Cosplay: Power Girl Edition!

Okay guys, any geek worth his salt knows that Power Girl cosplay exists for one reason and one reason only; big 'ol boobies! For this one, I'm not going to get all "this woman personifies the essence of the character by channeling her blah, blah, blah) Instead, I'm going to cut to the chase and give you all what you really want; T&A in a cape! Don't forget to check out my Wonder Woman edition here!


  1. Finally someone just comes out and says it lol.

    1. Fuck political correctness... just fuck it hard.

  2. Hot, yes, but please don't photoshop the F outta your waste until its obvious jagged lines....some of us women with curvrves arent ashamed, and your making us look bad.

  3. and you men are pigs, if you had half a brain you'd pay attention to your girlfirends HA!

  4. and big tiities hanging lose aint classy, just from alady with bigger sisters than yours