Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What The F@#k is THIS Shit?!?

Yesterday, this image of a tryptych poster advertising The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released.
As you can surmise from my post, I am not happy with it... at all. 

When the first images of Jamie Fox's hooded Electro started making the rounds, I was very "meh". When the "face-off pic" of him and Spidey together with his rubberized costume debuted, I was feeling much more hopeful as the design closely resembles the Ultimate Electro look.

Since then I have been dying to get a glimpse of the Rhino and the rumored appearance of The Green Goblin! Now that I have... I really wish I hadn't. "How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways;"

1.) The Rhino: Has the design team ever even seen a pic of The Rhino?!? My guess is no, or he wouldn't be looking like Pyramid Head's robotic fuckin' dog!!! It doesn't remotely resemble the comic book Rhino, much less a real Rhino!!! There had damn well better be a guy wearing a Rhino suit sitting in that trainwreck.

2.) The Green Goblin: Have we not learned from the sins of the past? You'd think that considering all of the "Power Ranger" comments from the first Tobey Maguire movie, and the even more deplorable "snowboarding" new goblin from the third, that Marc Webb would take this opportunity to give us all the goblin we deserved! But no, the downward design spiral continues with this asshole in a flightsuit... with gangreen of the face... riding a Wii balance board.

Honestly, I am so disgusted by this, that I might not even bother going to see it. I don't think I've EVER said that about any super hero movie in public, and this is coming from a guy who was cautiously optimistic about Batman & Robin!


  1. Lots of bad choices with the villains in this one. Visually they just seem lazy. But like the salivating dog I am I will watch it.

  2. One of the newer spider-man games had an incredible character design for the rhino; shoulder and forearm armor, a perfect meshing of the face and costume that showed that the suit was fused to the guy. BRILLIANT! As for the goblin, Berni (master of the macabre) Wrightson did a phenomenal concept for the green goblin for the first film. I'll have to dig them up and post 'em. I was so upset when I wrote this post, that I might've said some things that I didn't mean; I'm sure Sony will be getting my $10 this May ;-)

  3. No worse than Ben Aflek as Batman...

  4. Agreed. Fox is a steaming pile of crap.

  5. To be perfectly honest I'm still going to go see this. I wish Green Goblin was done right. I was never a huge Rhino fan, so his appearance doesn't really irk me......and I actually kinda dig Electro. We'll see what happens!

  6. I'm not here to defend Fox at all, but the decisions they had back then are not the ones we have today. I foresee the demise of some of these lot *cough*, but I'm only a voice outside, and they've got the front door firmly shut.