Friday, November 22, 2013

Here They Are; The 7 Most Controversial Photos From Mars!

Disclaimer; I'm running late for work, so I just wanted to let you know that I straight-up jacked this post from The Huffington Post verbatum (except for the title)

We already know that the spiders from Mars are real -- but has the NASA rover Curiosity picked up real evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet?
Conspiracy theorists think so. Some of these photos -- taken by the Curiosity over the past year and on other missions to Mars -- look a lot like rocks. Some of them look a lot more peculiar, like the "iguana" found earlier this month. All of them are the stuff of Internet legend, and many believe that NASA is hiding something.
Take a look, and wage alien war on the topic in the comments below.

 I'm sorry, but this one is just stupid... If it's a skull, it appears to have several eye sockets, a nose, and an embarrassingly large forehead. If it's a rock, it's probably not even a rock. IT'S A ROCK... LOBSTER!

 For the love of Mars... Awwww. These are real photos taken of Mars' surface. But were they designed by extraterrestrials who know the human concept of love? Only the ETs know.

Can you FACE the truth?!? The conspiracies go back to July 25, 1976, when this shot of the "Face on Mars" was taken by an orbiter. Do you believe yet?

 LEAPIN' LIZARDS! Oh, NASA rover Curiosity, you make us so curious. Curious about images like this, which appear to show either camouflaged or fossilized lizards running around on Mars. A blogger caught this image, what do you think?

AW, RATS! OK, this really does look like some sort of rodent. NASA's Mars rover Curiosity shot a photo of this little guy earlier this year. But after a closer look, and a little common sense, it's probably a rock.

HEY, PRETTY LADY! The Internet has long been crazy about this photo, snapped by the NASA rover Spirit. She has a terrible choice in dress color though, doesn't she?

RAT LIZARDS! The rock rats and rock lizards have begun to breed. It is only a matter of time before they... wait... WAIT, WHAT IS THAT?!


  1. Interesting stuff, my friend! I've seen these pictures at various times on other sites (Except for the hearts...that one was new on me) Most of them, I've gotta lean toward "funny shaped rock" but there are a couple that made me scrunch up my face all funny as I squinted at the screen thinking "What am I looking at?"

    1. The face, I'm definitely on board with, the montauk monster; a little less. Regarding the lady; all humanoid attributes accounted for, positioning would be consistent with someone walking down a steep slope, and color mismatch to surrounding rocks might suggest an anomaly.