Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet TAT, Bro!

It's been about a year since I was last in the "throne of pain", so I figured it was time for some fresh ink! A few months ago, a guy named Myles Kimball contacted me regarding my Shogun Warrior toys that I was selling in my booth at a local antique shop. 

We got to talking, and SURPRISE! Myles and I have a lot in common; especially giant robots and tattoos. Turns out Myles is a tattoo artist at "One King Tattoo" in Portland! We became Facebook friends, and I was blown away by his portfolio of skin art! He even has an incredible portrait of Great Mazinga on his foot! I knew then that I wanted him to do my next piece! Here's a few examples of some of the epic work they do in the shop!

The next step was; "what am I going to get?" When it comes to tattoos, I choose my art VERY carefully; there's nothing worse than getting inked, only to have "tattoo regret" a few months later. Keeping that in mind, I try to pick something that I am not likely to lose interest in. 
For example, I have an Adam West Batman Tattoo. Been an Adam West Batman fan for over 35 years; not very likely to change.
I have a Mego Iron Man tattoo. Been a fan of BOTH Mego toys as well as Iron Man for the same amount of time. Again, I'm not likely to wake up one morning hating either. You get the picture.
After a long search and deep contemplation, I decided on the "Cosmic Moai" by one of my fave artists; "Dirty Donny" Giles. The Cosmic Moai represents three of my long-held interests; "Lowbrow" art, Tiki culture, and UFOlogy. Check out the pics and video below and see how much of a tough guy I was through the process (actually, I edited out the tears of pain and whimpering ;-)
If any of ya'll are looking for some fresh ink, and are around the Portland, Maine area, I highly recommend stopping by One King Tattoo at 635 Forest Avenue! Tell 'em 3-D Monster sent you!


  1. Dude, that looks awesome! Very cool ink, my friend!

    1. Thanks Matt - I figured you would of approve the subject matter!

    2. Indeed sir! That is one of the coolest tats I've seen in a while!