Saturday, July 6, 2013

Now THIS... Is my Idea of Art!

Jonathan Bergeron -- Grendizer Calavera


  1. Awesome! We were just talking about Giant Robot anime last night here at work!

    1. In my mind, not much trumps the awesomeness of the Shogun Warriors! I got a new tattoo yesterday (soon to be a major 3-D Monster post!), and the guy who did it is a huge fan as well and even had a Great Mazinga tattoo very similar to this Grendizer piece. I really think that a Raydeen tat is in my near future...

  2. Very Cool! I've decided that I'm going to finally get my arms sleeved....and one of the arms is going to be an alien invasion type of piece (a la Mars Attacks) the top portion is going to be a cityscape getting decimated....and I want to have a giant alien robot breaking a building in half.