Friday, July 5, 2013

New Japanese Poster For The Wolverine

Y'know, I hesitate to post much of these posters for The Wolverine because they all seem to be the same amateuer-ish Photoshop crap! What happened to beautifully painted posters from real artists like Hildebrant (sp?)?!? Is it so hard to find someone who has more skill than a first-year graphic design student? I know I'm no spectacular artist, but I know that I could turn out a better poster than this with my eyes closed! Anyway, enjoy the shitty poster.


  1. that is why i am a dinosaur... people do these quick drop a line a text... that needs blending. like people who make covers for ebooks, they have a wonderful canvas then just drop text in it... or on it.

    though the image is cool, i have no interest in the film, yet!

  2. I'll admit, it is better than the other ones that I straight-up refuse to post, but I still think its a weak design. My fave is the Japanese water color rendering of Wolvie with claws up. Artistic, original, and integrated with the storyline.