Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Favorite Character From The Walking Dead...

Is it the samurai-sword weilding Michonne? Nope. Is it batshit crazy leader Rick Grimes? Not him either. I'll bet you're thinking it's the original Mr. moody-ass loner himself; Daryl Dixon. Not quite.

It's actually Daryl's 1965-1972  (not exactly sure of the year) Triumph Bonneville 750 chopper! As some of you know, I am a vintage bike and chopper FANATIC! While my "black widow" chopper is pretty damn sweet, it doesn't come close to matching the awesomeness of Daryl's ride!

What better way to zip around abandoned cars, fit through tight places, and look totally bad-ass while doing it?!? Now I admit, it's not the most practical vehicle for the zombie apocalypse, being as loud as a jet engine and all; and it's gotta be hard to fire a crossbow while going down the street. If it was me, I'd borrow one of Michonne's swords and take 'em out ala Tom Savini in Dawn of The Dead! Any way you look at it, one thing is for sure; when everyone is crammed into the camper, and it gets stuck behind 1000 cars on a roadway with no way to go around, and a herd of walkers is coming up from behind; who do you think is gonna make it out?

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