Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's 3-D Monster CONTEST TIME AGAIN!!!

OK guys, it's that time one more; time to flex your artistic muscles and win some fine swag! 

The challenge this time is to design a Star Wars: A New Hope movie poster in the minimalist art style! What is the minimalist art style, you ask? It's a style that conveys the most information by using the least amount of graphics. Check out some examples of minimal art and posters that I have done in the past below;

The prize this time is a bounty of shameless promotion; a Clockwork Orange-themed 3-D Monster T-Shirt (Large or XL) and all five 3-D Monster decal designs (for indoor or outdoor use!) BTW; they look GREAT on the back window of a car where everyone can see them ;-)


So here's the rules and deets; It can be anything related to episode 4, but it has to be in movie poster format; rectangular, vertical or horizontal, must have the movie title somewhere on it as well as the credits. Contest begins now, and submissions will be accepted until August 17, 2013. Submissions can be sent to; Your panel of judges consists of four experts in the field of everything Star Wars; myself, my wife, and my two boys. The winner will be announced no later than August 20th. 
Good luck and may the force be with you! (yeah, I said it)


  1. sent mine in... hopefully you got it :)!

  2. WOW! You have certainly set the bar quite high, Jeremy! I absolutely love it! And super fast, too! Once all the entries are in, I will showcase each one on the site before announcing he winner.

    1. i never made one before and you know being artistic sometimes you get the image in your head... i had to create. thank you for the kind words looking forward to the others.