Thursday, May 30, 2013

Think "Journey to The Center of The Earth" is Strictly Fiction? Maybe Not!

At least that's what Dr. Brooks Agnew is betting on! The world-renowned project and launch manager will be helming NPIEE: The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition. He will be leading a team of scientists, historians, film makers, experts in Exopolitics among others, to the top of the world to find out once and for all if there really is an entry to the fabled land of inner Earth. The trip is scheduled for July of this year, and the entire expedition will be streaming live so that the world sees what they discover when they discover it!
  Personally, I don't buy into the "Hollow Earth Theory", but I could believe that there is a lot more going on beneath our feet than we are aware of. In researching this topic, I found out that there's a lot more actual science behind it that I ever thought. I honestly don't expect much to come of this, but I will certainly be watching!


  1. Yeah there are some people that actually believe this.

  2. I always thought it was total rubbish, but after reading up on it, I'm not so sure.

  3. If this was viral marketing for some as of yet unannounced movie.......that would be pretty damn clever!

    1. True, but it's even cooler 'cause it's for realz!

  4. True that! I'll tell you what, I would literally shit a litter of lizards if they found out that the Hollow Earth Theory was legit!

    Speaking of which.....I don't know if you like wonky old sci fi movies like I do.....but if you do, check out one called They (aka Invasion From Inner Earth) It's extremely slow and very talky and it's as cheap as a Worcester hooker, but if you stick with it, it's a pretty interesting little flick that manages to have some truly creepy moments!

    Here's a link to a review I did.....check it out....there's a video clip of the opening titles and theme music which is like a weird electronic rip off of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly! I shit you not!