Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm a GPK fan from the very beginning! I had ALL of the cards, big and small, and even a really cool GPK T-Shirt. Heck, I even bought a pack at the Dollar Tree like, three days ago! I can't wait to snatch up very one of these lil' bastards when they hit the shelves!

Coming in October, blind boxed Garbage Pail Kids:
26 different mini-figures and stickers 
Each "Single Blind Pack" will contain 2 mystery figures and two stickers 
Each "Jumbo Blind Pack" will contain 3 mystery figures, 1 visible figure, and four stickers 
Base version are fully-painted in multiple colors to match the original sticker 
Chase versions are available in 4 different colors: Neon Blue & Neon Red (1:3 packs), Neon Green (1:4 packs), Neon Yellow (1:12 packs)


  1. I love GPK's too! I had an insane amount of them growing up. I wish I knew what happened to them!
    Now that I know they sell them at the Dollar Tree Store, I'm gonna have to go and get me some!