Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Truly SPECTACULAR Judge Death Costume!

I'm a huge fan of Death! When I was a kid and first got my hands on a copy of 2000AD featuring a Judge Death story, I was absolutely mesmerized! Brian Bolland's rendition of Judge Death's polar opposite was the creppiest thing I have seen in comics to date! 

I always thought Bizarro was a bit creepy at first, but most of the stories he appeared in were just plain goofy. I considered Judge Death to be a lot like Bizarro, if Bizarro was an actual walking corpse whose sole purpose was the complete genocide of... anything that lived. I even had an Anthrax T-Shirt in high school with a picture of Judge Death that I wore until it slowly fell off my body in pieces!

And now there's this - a terrifyingly accurate costume that you can actually buy and scare the Hell out of the citizens of Mega-City One! It is being made and sold via the headhunterstore if you are lucky enough to score one. Fat boys need not order - you gots to be crazy skinny to pull this one off!

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