Monday, April 8, 2013

This Could Change The Lives of Every Human Being on The Planet...

Dr. Steven Greer has announced the finding of a 6 inch humanoid alien in Chile. The remains have supposedly gone through extensive scientific testing, resulting in an entity of "unknown classification" by DNA sequencing.
It's all part of his upcoming UFO documentary; "Sirius." deals not only with the subject of UFO and ET visitation disclosure but also with the advanced, clean, and alternative energy technology that's getting them here. 'Sirius' goes into eye-opening detail regarding how the disclosure of such technologies, some of which have been suppressed for decades, can enable humanity to leave the age of the polluting petrodollar, transform society and improve mankind's chances for the survival.   

The film will premiere on April 22 in Hollywood, CA.
The movie premiere will be followed by a limited theatrical release and concurrent VOD launch via the Yekra video on demand platform on and Yekra's AffiliateConnect customized social media networks.
You can read the recent Huffington Post article on Dr. Greer and Sirius here.

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