Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Would Warrant a Stern Pummeling...

Look good, don't they? What you are looking at are actually Dunkin Phonuts; The frosting isn't sugar, but mashed potatoes and cream cheese. The donuts aren't made of dough, but an onion and pepper meatloaf. You just can't toy with someone's emotions like that... it's mean. 
Now, if these were made to look like Krispy Kreme donuts... well, someone's likely leaving in a bag.


  1. That sounds 100% way more better than actual shitty doughnuts.

  2. Shitty doughnuts?!? Granted, Dunkin Donuts are inferior to Krispy Kremes'. Hell, even DOGS know that! But shitty? Dunkin Donuts are far from "shitty". Do you like ANY doughnuts?