Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3-D Monster Has Gone RETAIL!!

Hey gang, we are working on moving and I need to seriously thin out some inventory! I've decided to set up shop at a local antique shop that seems to get a lot of foot traffic, because I simply have too much stuff to list it all on Ebay. The shop is called Pa's Tradin' Post on Route 26 in Oxford, Maine. I have plenty of comics, vintage toys, original art, oddities, and of course, plenty of 3-D Monster merchandise!If you live nearby or are just passing through, stop by and check it out!

All shirts are $20 ($5 off!), and include a free sticker!


  1. Dan, if I was within 200 mils of Maine I would probably buy up half your booth! Love those Marx figures and the Shogun Warriors.

  2. Thanks Brian! I hate to part with them, but I gotta trim down my collection.