Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recent Acquisitions

Courtesy of my parents, who gave me an Amazon gift card; Iron Maiden's "Eddie" from the Piece of Mind Album.

From that same gift card; The Amazing Spider-Man "Big Time" Ultimate collection!

My wonderful niece sent me this vintage Buck Rogers tin lunchbox that I saw in an antique shop in Alabama last Summer. She also sent me a Beatles coffee & travel mug!


Proving that I can stretch the value of a gift card, and utilize every last cent; Mego Darkseid!! 
(I know it's technically Mattel, but I don't care)


  1. Awesome! Loving your Darkseid face ya got going on!

  2. Thanks!I'm heartbroken that the Retro Heroes line got cancelled, but I'm psyched that I scored this one for only $7!