Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A few months ago, shortly after I bought the 3-D Monster Machine (pat. pending), I was looking for a few things to spruce it up a bit, and I ran across this shrunken head antennae topper by one of my favorite artists; Dirty Donny. Acknowledging that nothing screams "AWESOME" more than a miniaturized decapitated human head perched atop a radio antennae, I purchased it posthaste. When it arrived, my wife, who is far more conservative than I, asked me; "why on Earth did you buy that?!?" (insert expression of disgust here), to which I replied; "So that I may find my van in a crowded parking lot, of course!"

After losing the head on it's first journey into town, I miraculously found it later on the roadside and was elated! This time, I smartened up and super-glued it to my antennae, only to have some ass-hat (with impeccable taste) steal it along with half of my antennae! WTF?!? Luckily, my radio still works fine.

So, last week I ordered a new one, and I hope that I can actually keep this one for awhile. After all, how will I find my van in a crowded parking lot? They all look alike to me ;-)

(BTW - Donny did the "Do it in a Van" sticker as well. Go check out his stuff; it's the shit.)


  1. I totally stole that from you!

  2. I hated that the owner of the real shrunken head ( That I kept locked in my cabinet) came here and asked for it back... It was a very cool thing to look at ... Now all I have is my two-headed cat in a jar... ( I am not joking)

  3. A for reals shrunken head? Methinks there is a grand story to be told! I've been looking for some oddities to add to my traveling inventory, and I found some awesome shrunken heads on eBay made out of llama skin and hair, some Fiji mermaids, monkey paws, etc. Know any good sources for weirdness?

  4. Yes a real one from South America....
    Sorry I do not know where to purchase such things.... sorry