Friday, January 4, 2013

Just Effing CRAZY!!!

I just read an article that said the Steve Ditko Variant for Amazing Spider-Man #700 was selling on eBay for over $1200 and copies are still selling for over a thousand dollars! That's a new comic! 

My first reaction was sheer excitement that Mr. Ditko might be returning to his most famous creation, so I called him up and asked him, but he didn't even know about it! I described the cover to him, and he thinks it might be one of the rejected designs from Amazing Fantasy #15. However, he seemed happy to know that it was in such high demand, and he wishes he had a copy. I told him that if I can get a reprint, I would happily send him one. Man, talking to a living legend like him always makes me nervous as Hell!

Luckily,  it seems that Marvel have a few spare copies, and will be distributing them with every 250 copies that retailers order of the second print while supplies last.

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