Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Up For Discussion: December 21, 2012. What Do YOU Think Will Happen?

As the date draws near, I'm very curious to know other people's opinion. I've heard of several different possible scenarios, the most popular being;

1.) The planetary alignment will cause our poles to shift, creating worldwide destruction.
2.) There will be a shift of "collective consciousness" throughout the world, and we will begin a golden age of newfound spirituality.
3.) A hidden planet; Nibiru, also known as Planet X, will collide with Earth and kill everything.
4.) The Aliens will finally reveal their presence to us.
5.) You will wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to sleep, because it will be just like any other day!

As a christian, I know that the Bible is very clear on the end of the world, and that neither man, nor even all the angels of Heaven will know the date; Only God knows! However, that is not to say that nothing will happen. I strongly agree with option 5, that nothing will happen, but if something does occur, I don't think it will be anything negative. I would love to see some type of spiritual awakening in which everyone realizes just how unique and important each and every one of us are, and just how precious our world is, but call me jaded; I think that's a bit unlikely. So how many of you out there have stopped paying bills and started digging a survival shelter?


  1. I am voting for number 5 as well...

  2. The gravitational pull created during this date may well effect the "weak" spots of the earth... ( Fault lines and Volcanoes )Thus problems there ... and this will also cause massive "tidal" disturbances.... those are the only facts that I actually know...
    This whole "mess" may well alter our Earth's Magnetic Sphere as well... to what degree these things will happen is "unknown".....they are going to happen for the rest of the "Sh*t hitting the fan" that remains to be seen....

  3. It scares me a little that there is some actual science behind it, and I can't fathom how the Mayans were so advanced in the field of astronomy that they could predict such a mass alignment right up to the day, but perhaps I'm just underestimating the abilities of earlier civilizations.

  4. The ancient Mayans spend many studying toe heavens and thoroughly charted it all from reviewing these recorded findings... they could calculate further astronomical events...