Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're Almost Ready For Halloween!

The gang's all here!

 See the dog run in the background? That's where we had Grim race across the porch a couple of years ago, running directly into shrieking trick-or-treaters! Good times!

This was our most effective scare tactic to date - can you imagine being a 6 year old kid,working up the nerve to even come up to the door only to have this thing start moving just as you're about to get your treat? I know I'm not right!

 Jason has made himself a friend this year!

 The mask in this frame is what my youngest son will be wearing along with some blood-splattered footie pajamas and a big knife.

 My wife always decorates the inside of the house, and she's off to a good start with the mantle and the picture frame above!

We have everything ready except for the graveyard, fog machine and lighting. We're off to a bit of a late start because it's been raining nearly every damn day! Every year we try to top the previous year when it comes to scares, and in previous years we've had the Grim Reaper flying across the porch on wires towards unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, the covered corpse in the rocking chair rigged with wire to start rocking frantically when someone approaches the door, and many other frights!

This year we plan on having a giant spider descend from a tree and menace folks as they approach our walkway, and on Halloween night I will be replacing the corpse in the rocking chair with myself in a fright mask.  

"That corpse has been sitting on that porch for two weeks - no way it's real, right? right?"
(Insert creepy laughter here)

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