Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Introducing... The Official 3-D Monster Van!

 I really like the original paint job, so I will probably repaint it in the original scheme, but with metal flake. I think I'll be going with a Tiki theme, so I might add some Tiki totems within the stripes as well as the 3-D Monster logo. I also want to install flagpole holders on the sides of the van that can hold Tiki torches for parties and other events.

The interior is in excellent condition with 70's green shag carpet and wood paneling. That couch lays down into a bed. Yes, I cleaned the Hell out of that cushion! There's also a skylight just above the table.

The four captain's chairs swivel all the way around, and I want to put a mini fridge and wet bar in against the wall where that speaker is.

There is a ton of storage room behind and below the rear couch, and I want to add a drop-down TV screen and built in DVD player.

For a 1979 van, this thing drives incredibly well and is beyond comfortable! I've already added my own touch in a dashboard Hula girl (thanks Jarod!) and the shrunken head from my office. I'll keep ya'll updated as the project progresses!


  1. That is so frickin Boss! I want to do a project like that one day too! I would probably go with A-Team or Mystery Machine though.

  2. Yeah, I've had people suggest that I should do the mystery machine, but this van has too many windows to pull off an accurate Mystery Machine.

  3. Beautiful ride man! I love the Tiki theme too! I guess that beats out the airbrushed dragon-riding barbarian woman (but just barely!).

  4. Yeah, I wanted to do an awesome airbrushed mural on the exterior, but my wife vetoed it :-( She doesn't enjoy being a spectacle.