Friday, June 8, 2012

First Look: The Governor From Season 3 of The Walking Dead

I think I can speak for most fans of the comic with a resounding... meh. 
C'mon! I expected someone with a look closer to Danny Trejo - not Colin 'effin FIRTH! "Oh no - better run for your lives; here comes MR. DARCY!!"
I know that it's all in the performance and that I shouldn't be hung up on such details, but I wanted long hair and an eye patch, DAMNITT!!!


  1. I like the change. I hated the look of the Governor in the comic... Thought he looked to much like Major Blud from G.I.Joe and kept waiting for Destro and the Baroness to show up!

  2. Hilarious! I never thought of that, but you're absolutely right - especially when he shows up in the riot gear!