Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Tribute to The Hottest Babe in CosPlay: BelleChere!!

 As Powergirl!

 Vampirella (my personal favorite)

Jessica Rabbit


The Goblin Queen




 Red Sonja

Ms. Marvel

One look at this stunning beauty and it's easy to see why "BelleChere as Vampirella" is one of my most popular blog posts of all time! Belle is a classic beauty and a refreshing alternative to the "heroin chic" body style that we are bomblasted with on a daily basis. Often accompanied with her boyfriend Jerry, or as you may know him better; THE LUCKIEST FAN-BOY ALIVE, they are familiar faces on the convention circuit, both dressing up in costumes that Belle herself designs and creates. Here's a little more about her in her own words;

I'm a self-proclaimed geek, gamer, and lover of life.

By week, I make magic happen in theatre. By weekend, I dress as a superhero.

It's a good life so far!


Tumblr :

A little more: As a professional seamstress, I enjoy making all of my own costumes.

I do read the comics, I do play the games, and I am a fan. This is how I show my appreciation and gratitude towards the creators, developers, and artists who feed my imagination.

Every character I costume, I love - each of them having a special reason for bringing them to life.

I have, on occassion, been called a 'muse' and have always been flattered by the term. I've worked with a few comic artists over the years and have managed to recieve recognition and praise from my favorites. I've been lucky enough to work with Avatar Press with Warren Ellis, as well as Brian Pullido, and Broadsword comics with Jim Balant.

If you are an artist would who would like to collaborate with me, I love to get involved with the industry. If you would like to use my image in your art, please just ask me - all else I ask for is to see the finished product! If you would like me to attend a convention and work at your booth, just send me an email (contact information above) and we can discuss options.

I think I can speak for all of the fan-boys out there when I say; "thanks so much for what you do, Belle! We can't wait to see what you come up with next!!"


  1. This chick has got what it takes to make me crazy horny!

  2. She is absolutely stunning! This is what a woman is SUPPOSED to look like - NOT like a 13 year-old boy!