Thursday, March 15, 2012

The One That Got Away...

I've been into 2 awesome things lately; old Judge Dredd comics and seminal thrash metal band Anthrax! While listening to "Among The Living", I was reminded of an awesome Anthrax t-shirt I used to have when I was like, 14. All I could remember was that it had an incredible image of Judge Death on the front. Determined to find it, I typed in "vintage Anthrax" in the 'ol Evil-Bay search bar, and selected "clothing". I was immediately surprised by 2 things; 1. how many different Anthrax shirts there were, and 2. how damn expensive they all were! Long story short; I found my old "Judge Death" tee with an opening bid of $29, waited until the last minute and put in what I thought to be a ridiculous bid of $51.51 (yes, for a USED t-shirt), and STILL got out-bid! AAARRGH!!! 

I did, however, score this sweet Zorlac Skateboards tee for $13!

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