Monday, February 13, 2012

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere: What Did You Think?

Overall, my wife and I thought it was really good! After the relatively slow pace and somewhat stalled storyline of the first half of the season, I enjoyed seeing the characters getting back into a more action and tension-filled mode. Below are what I thought to be the strong and weak (only one!) points of last night's episode were;

Strong points; first and foremost, I thought I was gonna have an anxiety attack during the bar scene! I haven't felt tension like that since Javier Bardem asked that poor gas station clerk "What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?" in "No Country For Old Men"! I really liked seeing Hershel’s vulnurable side, giving the character some much-needed depth, as well as Rick's inspiring pep talk that we have to keep going for the others more than ourselves.

Weak Points; Really the only thing that I was not happy with and felt was completely unnecessary (you know what I'm gonna say) was Lorrie's car crash. C'mon - pregnant woman going for her husband only to get in a major car accident? You writers are better than that! Other than that, I have no complaints and can't wait for next week.


  1. i was losing interest in the show after the first half of the season, but this premiere definitely got me back for a while. I'm hoping they backloaded the budget for some big scenes

  2. I totally agree - I want to see a massive "herd" before the season's out!