Monday, February 13, 2012

Great New Show: Comic Book Men!

Did anyone else stick around to watch Comic Book Men after The Walking Dead? I did, and it was definitely worth staying up for! If you're not in the know, the show revolves around fanboy culture by following the antics in and around master fanboy Kevin Smith’s New Jersey comic shop, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. 

The six part series documents the daily banter of the Stash staff and customers as they geek out over mind-blowing pop culture artifacts and the legends behind them. 
I'm even going to make up a new drinking game based on the many visual references that AMC makes to "The Walking Dead" throughout the shop - everytime you see a Walking Dead comic or toy prominantly placed, you have to take a drink!


  1. i thought it was ok. could have done without the pawn stars style parts.

  2. As a fan of American Pickers & Pawn Stars, I liked that they had an element of those shows. I remember once on Pickers, they got a Mego Mobile Batlab stuffed with figures for like, $20! Why can't I ever find deals like that?!? I've been trying to get one of those damn Bat-vans since I was four!