Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No, I Haven't Gone Goth...

I was playing around on Ebay the other day, and I ran across these rings that look like they were taken from a medieval gauntlet that was part of a suit of armor! They are in four separate sections held together by hinges so that they are (somewhat) flexible. I thought they looked cool, and at only $5 shipped, I figured it would be fun to buy one.

So after a couple of weeks, it came in the mail, I put it on and casually showed it to my family.
HOLY CRAP - You would have thought I was wearing a ring made out of puppy skin with the way my wife and oldest son reacted! 

"That's the ugliest damn thing I have ever laid eyes on" and "don't you even think of wearing that thing anywhere near me!" was my wife's response. 

My son was much kinder; "That's the kind of ring one of those creepy, sad goth kids would wear", and "I'll bet you're the first thirty-nine year old man EVER to buy one of those!"

Oh well, I just thought it looked neat.


  1. It's a cool ring. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Nothin' wrong with casual gothness my fiend.

  2. Well, thank you Eric! See honey? Nothing wrong with it!

  3. Granted, it does look a little silly with the Superman shirt. Or Bizarro... thanks to Photobooth ;-)