Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Misc. Recent Acquitisions and Christmas Swag...

I scored the "Absolute Watchmen" at the local Flea Market for $15!!! My mom and dad got me the Locke & Key  and Spider-Man: Return of Anti-Venom HB's. If you haven't read Locke & Key, it's frickin' AWESOME! Oh, and my buddy Izzy makes the prop keys from the book!

New hat from Macy's and leather bracelet from Spencer's. I've been looking for a floppy newsboy hat for some time now, and while it's not quite as floppy as I would prefer, I still really dig it.The brand is "Country Gentleman" which make me laugh.

"Zombie", or, for the purists out there; "Zombi 2" tee shirt from Newbury Comics. I have been staring at this shirt for four years now, and finally pulled the trigger (I'm cheap, OK?) Even the cashier looked at me and asked; "you come in here all the time and you don't have this shirt yet?!?". I would have taken a pic of me wearing it, but it's wet in the wash.

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