Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Got My Copy of "Mail Order Mysteries"...

And the only mystery I can see is how can so much awesomeness cost so little?!? I bought my copy from Amazon for $13.00 and $4.00 shipping, and for that price quite frankly, I didn't expect to be blown away. Luckily, Kirk Demarais didn't let me or my inner child down! 

The book is very reminiscent of a Chip Kidd venture (Chip did give a glowing review on the back) with it's excellent photography and brilliant close-ups of comic book art in all their 4-color glory. I also love how the text is set up, with each item broken down into a ; "what we expected", "what we got" and "customer satisfaction" category. 

Like Kirk, I too had parents that wouldn't let me spend my hard-earned cash on these "rip-offs", and am grateful that I can now see what I missed, both good and bad! You can order your own copy here!

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  1. Unfortunately ....I purchased Both of these item from comic book ads as a small child...